Friday, November 28, 2014

Of Soul-brooch and Heartstrings...

Where are your heartstrings moored?

We adjust, get used to what once was but is no more
That ache of ‘missing you’ is like love’s brooch pinned to the soul
I’m glad to love and have been loved enough to bear the roar
Of ‘missing you’ where new loves and new memories console

Time laughs in our faces like a bully without spite
Its hand brimming with graces we are oft not ready for
Darling, we cannot travel back even to yester-night
Save in a frigate wrought of thought’s bittersweet troubadour

…so, we adjust because we must; to pine is but to miss
Our present ‘missing you’s’ still held too close for memories
Forbid that I would squander its touch-taste because the kiss
Of yesterday is more than I am willing to appease

© Janet Martin 

Last night when you burnt supper then 'forgot' to do the dishes
I didn't reprimand, for I have seen firsthand the speed of years
and I would rather not waste moments spouting futile wishes
where daily I'm reminded of how fast time disappears...


  1. I'm ever surprised...and delighted...with your turns of phrases and choices of words that describe something so exquisitely. Love's brooch, I love that.


  2. :) Thank-you Brenda. I hope you get lots of names in the draw you are offering!


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