Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes As the Daylight Dies...

Ah, sometimes when the daylight woos
Dusk’s down-cast eye of brooding hues
And all the world is blue-air brushed
Ah, sometimes when the day is shushed
As tempo of toiling subdues
I miss you

Ah, sometimes when that yon-sky sweeps
Its dreamland full of starry sleeps
It’s almost like you’ll soon be home
And I am watching ‘til you come
While in my utter heart-held deeps
I miss you

Ah, sometimes when fold over fold
Obliterates the day we hold
Like time consumes a year with ease
Leaving nothing save memories
Then sometimes forthrightly full-bold
I miss you

Ah, sometimes as the daylight dies
I sense a longing in its eyes
For days that were, and just like me
Sometimes that sudden reverie
Sparks keen awareness; how time flies
And I miss you

© Mom~
Aka Janet

No 'shushing' yet. that howling wind has not relented all day!

Melissa reminded Victoria today ‘only 2 more weeks then I’m home until January!’

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