Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Something 'bout November Gray

There’s something ‘bout November gray
Weeping where we laughed yesterday
That calls to mind the rush of Time
And aches to be preserved in rhyme

And something ‘bout November gray
Brings thoughts of loved ones far away
Then, in its cold rain reverie
We pour a second cup of tea

There’s something ‘bout November gray
Where in contrast, vast woodlands splay
Their tiralee beneath our feet
In gold and russet bittersweet

There’s something ‘bout November gray
That steals my very breath away
It spins a soulful poetry
That middle-May could never be

Yes, something ‘bout November gray
Is lovely in a lonesome way
It runs in rivers to our door
And makes us need each other more

© Janet Martin

I had Celtic Thunder cranked up when Victoria came home from school. In response to her quizzical raise of the eye-brow I told her its Celtic Thunder weather;-)


  1. I LOVE November gray. Didn't used to but there is something that draws me to this wilder, bleaker, barer side of nature.

    A lovely poem in honour of November gray!

  2. me too! See? more proof we are kindred spirits:)


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