Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Self Cannot Love...

PAD's two-for-two Tuesday challenge is to write a love or anti-love poem. 

We have a way of getting in the perfect way of it
Self is a bossy darling looking out for number one
But if we should decide to not ‘seek our own’ a bit
Then we should be prepared and plan to change our plans often

‘Love does not seek its own’ nor groans as it unclenches fists
Its utter selflessness baffles the best of us at times
Self does not go gentle into the good night's purple mists
But oft resists the hills that love insists its servant climbs

Ah no, for self is dumb-struck by your keen, relentless proof
And blushes ‘neath the honesty of Thy unjudging gaze
As love forgives the shortcomings where Self would stand aloof

Self cannot love in, of itself, or thus forgive the same
Love is divine, its very nature God Himself revealed
Self is a beggar dependent upon Love’s Sacred Name
By which all men are saved and every Self-affliction healed

© Janet Martin

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