Saturday, November 8, 2014

Rendezvous with a Pen

PAD Challenge day 8: write a blind poem

I do not know where you will go
I follow you with my eyes closed
I chase the ripple of your sigh
Then trace the laughter in your eye
This touch-taste-trusting rendezvous
Is like feeling my way with you
Through murky ink, for who can tell
What you may make me think or spell?

Tremor of fear, dread and delight
Course through senses not bound by sight
Fearless scavenger of the heart
You dare to tear its walls apart
Without apology you rend
Where propriety oft pretends
You ravage through to truth exposed
I follow you with my eyes closed

Futile to beguile you with lies
For you can see behind closed eyes
The paradise of ignorance
Blushes as you rush through my glance
To move the hand that grips the quill
That shapes the bidding of your will
I do not know where you will lead
And so I follow, blind with need

© Janet Martin


  1. Simply beautiful! I found you over at Dayle's.

  2. Hi Brenda, thank-you so much for dropping by! Can't wait to pop in at your cozy little house:)


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