Friday, November 14, 2014

'Oh Well' Luxuries...

Oh well, we say as we purvey
The ‘undone’ lost to yesterday

Oh, well we sigh as flowers die
And winter fills the eager sky

Oh well, thought grieves as autumn leaves
Its petals pooled in ditch and eaves

Oh well, we laugh as photographs
Of seasons sign their autographs

Oh well, we stare where the full air
Weeps shards of triumph and despair

Oh well, we groan as what we know
Bids us hold on while we let go

Oh well, we yearn as soft we learn
The lessons of time’s no-return

Oh well, we smile while all the while
Being seduced by moment-guile

Oh well, oh well, oh well, we say
Tomorrow is another day

But one ‘oh well’, we cannot afford
To be unready to meet the Lord

© Janet Martin

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