Monday, November 17, 2014

Of Mortal Affliction (a collection of poemlets)

PAD Challenge day 17:For today’s prompt, write an afflicted poem

Afflicted by Procrastination

Often it seems we struggle in that war twixt 'will' 'would' 'should' and such
Afflicted with the trouble of intention versus act and touch
And often as we contemplate, debate and wait and twiddle thumbs
Somebody else sweeps through the gate and does that thing we could have done

Afflicted by Temptation

Temptation and conviction spar
Wherever thought and fingers are

Afflicted by Success

Success’s attractions and distractions are many
Faith often struggles from penny to penny

Afflicted by My Hand

The mouth can tell the head a lot that it already knows
But what is in the heart is what the hand most often shows

Afflicted by Bygone

I love the warmth of you nestled against my memory
Where once upon a little time I held you close to me

Afflicted by Human Nature

Human nature is predictable; something we all acquire
...of spirit that is willing and of flesh weak with desire

Affliction of Learning

Knowledge for all its goodness knows
It cannot take the place
Of wisdom gleaned from highs and lows
afflicting human race

Afflicted by Greed

A standing ovation please, for that most humble man
who does not labor for increase, but just because he can

Afflicted by Longing

Longing and love in constance vie
For that which naught can satisfy

Afflicted by think-and-ink-addiction

Here I am and there you lie
And who this tumult can descry
Afflicting even common men
If predisposed to page and pen

Afflicted by Motherhood

You called last night and I could hear
What your words didn't say, my dear
My, how the arms can ache with want
Where miles their fullest fullness flaunt


Afflicted by Time

The clock devours hours and it never gets its fill
the bud that bears its flower soon falls prey to moment-will
And moment-will is ruthless; its steals years in middle-rant
where suddenly we turn perplexed, to wonder where time went


Afflicted by Ornery Ogres

They come out, mostly at night or when I am alone
To laugh and point their fingers at 'poor-poor-pitiful-me'
But one sure-fire offense that cannot be over-thrown
Is to help someone who needs help or friendship's company


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