Monday, November 17, 2014

Of Man and Sea

Time’s ocean roars up to dawn’s doors and rushes through, its ether hue
Soon splattered with life’s that and this as bit by bit its tides undo
The ties that bind and soft unwind a lonesome ache upon the brake
That bars our feet from bitter-sweetest swells of past’s vast frozen lake

Time’s billows heave and often leave the sojourner of it aghast
At how it spills and deftly fills our sorrow-joys fearless and fast
Before the door to yester-yore, soundless upon the evening air
Swings slowly shut where flesh and blood cannot break through to enter there

The Brigadoon of bygone June may taunt us from its phantom grave
Yet moments swoon and chase high noon across shorelines wave over wave
Where still we spill our sweating will in tears and groans upon its sweep
Without much proof of highs and lows as on it flows from deep to deep

Time’s ocean roars across the shores that held the break of day at bay
As sailors scan horizon-spans for hope to cope with come-what-may
And there it is; unfailing grace from He who cradles faithfully
Within His everlasting hands Time’s sacred span of man and sea

© Janet Martin

What am I looking for? I asked myself as I stared into the slow unveiling of fresh white on the morning, trying to persuade myself that it isn’t so bad. What is it that I am trying to find? I ask again and then it hits me…Hope! Hope for the day and its come-what-may, so I pause and pray. ‘Thank-you God, oh Captain of the Deep guiding our vessels in Thy careful keep.’


  1. Love that prayer. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank-you Lucy.
    Hugs and prayers, mother-to-mother and sister-to-sister(())


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