Friday, November 14, 2014

Now I Lay Me...

Now I lay me down to sleep
Autumn tucked to winter’s keep
Now the planting-harvest rush
Settles beneath winter’s hush
Now the madrigal of May
Seems another world away

Now I lay me down to rest
Hush-a-birdie-empty nest
Hush-a-leaf that yester fell
Sequestered in winter knell
Hush-a-bye and do not cry
Sings the matron of the sky

Now I lay me down to dream
Of blue-silver-sparkled stream
Of dear, daisy-dappled June
Of sun-honeyed afternoon
Of the mirror in the lake
When at last we will awake

© Janet Martin I better get some work done before 'little guy' wakes up;-)


  1. Hi Jen, and thank-you. I'm trying to find beauty in this sudden shock of white all over the place!!

  2. I love that last stanza, Janet. So well written and beautiful.


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