Thursday, November 6, 2014

November is like a Mother

 I held my camera to the passing landscape as I drove yesterday...November's kinship is a meek keenness...

November is like a Mother
Whose house at last is kept
The fruit from the garden garnered
Cobwebs from corners swept
Toys that all summer were scattered
In lovely disarray
While children and flowers chattered
Have all been put away

And now she shakes her apron
Trinket-like moments fall
From pockets where she gathered
Leaf-song, meadow-lark's call
Before she tucks them, gentle
Into Time’s cradle, soft
Where low sky is a mantle
Above the sleeping croft

November is like a mother
Content, she fills the air
With sparkling smiles and kisses
While, from her rocking chair
She views earth’s rooms in order
And neatly put aright
Before she tucks each corner
Beneath a blanket, white

© Janet Martin


  1. So nice to see autumn views of YOUR world! And love the mothery poem of November - so apt. - Cyndy

  2. thank-you:) I laughed when I got dressed this morning because I looked like November landscape...brown and gray with a bit of denim. I love those colors! There's something about November that gets me every time!
    Did you know because of the photos you post Montana is on my must-visit places? So beautiful!

  3. November is dull and gray and still beautiful and full of reasons to linger a little longer over tea...


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