Monday, November 3, 2014

No Game-over in Love

PAD challenge day 1; write a game over poem

Slip over me, the company
Of memories is bittersweet
I liked it when that Yester-then
Was more than echoes on the street
Before the air growled like a bear
and you are there and I am here
Slip over me, the company
of you is like a game, my dear

For while I vow to let you go
the heart endeavors to hold on
This tug-of-warring ebb and flow
of yes and no and dusk-to-dawn
places its pawns in manners such
that I am easy to persuade
to play another round; taste-touch
and thus new memories are made

Slip over me, ah, the romance
of you is bittersweet, for oh
love is no game, rather a dance
of holding close while letting go
There is no game-over in love
for hearts out-played there is no grave
Darling, you win, slip over me
and play the strings I let you have



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