Monday, November 3, 2014

Logic of Love (easier said than done)


To reach beyond our ‘rathers’ with a heart of willingness
Takes more than strength requires; love puts others first thus we
Attempt to shun propriety of ‘simply doing good’
For Love in action is the proof of true humility

The quiet ache of give and take is not so very hard
If we focus on others and resist our want to have
What greater happiness can be, than bearing witness to
The happiness of someone else because of what love gave?

Forgive us Lord, when we drag our feet instead of dance
When Duty is forerunner to the Need while men applaud
…to reap a goodly harvest we must labor with hearts bent
In meekness to the call of secret second-miles for God

Oh, who among us is the greatest?  We will never know
Those most noteworthy deeds accomplished where nobody sees
Until God shouts from rooftops what is never told below
Of humble deeds of love rendered from servants on their knees

© Janet Martin

Victoria is attempting to memorize 1 Cor. 13. Hearing her recite the true meaning of love challenges my wish of how I wish I would love and not simply because I should

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