Thursday, November 27, 2014

Inhale, Exhale... Gratitude

 PAD challenge day 27:For today’s prompt, write an appreciative poem.

The blanket of the sky was spread
Like midnight velvet overhead
Before silk silver softly swept
Across a lea where houses slept
Then, like brass buttons on its coat
The lights came on as they awoke

The stretch and yawn of human race
Sets foot upon time's fresh-spun grace
As coffee-flavored undertows
And breakfast chatter gently flows
Up to a throne where Mercy pleads
On the behalf of mortal needs

This vapor thread twixt life and death
Extends, for our very breath
Is God-granted; inhale, exhale
We, by a love that will not fail
Set sail upon earth's sea of sod
And humbly whisper, thank-you God


Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends!

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