Thursday, November 20, 2014

In Autumn

 The calendar says we have a month of autumn yet...

Now we are gently tethered by yokes of necessity
The sky once full of afternoon dips dusk-ward constantly
And we are not so taken by an hour anymore
But rather by Time’s moments tumbling wave on wave to shore

We learn to dance more slowly in the toil of humble task
We learn to drink more wholly from love’s joy-and-sorrow flask
We learn to be patient where intention misunderstood
Vexes the heart of us yet tempers our attitude

Our tears are rich with memories and hope for what will be
Our years are quickened benedictions to Time’s spending spree
Our fears are keen and earnest, our faith at best, a seed
As we thank God for mercy-moments succoring our need

In autumn we begin to heed that inner reprimand
To linger longer where the aftermath of touch expands
And shadow-like we sense upon fall’s dissipating days
A subtle key-change in the wind and winter in its gaze

© Janet Martin

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