Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Homesick... for Summer (Two-for-two Tuesday)

PAD Challenge day 18: It’s a Tuesday, which means we’ve got two prompts today:
  1. Write a sweet poem.
  2. Write a sour poem.
Oh, wall where bluebells crawl
Oh dell, where sunbeams fell
Oh, silver stream where day and dream
Spin summer's citadel

Oh hill, where flowers spill
Oh, lane of dust-sweet rain
Oh, mourning dove in morning grove
When will you come again?

Oh, tree of green-leaf glee
Oh, bloom of pink-froth plume
Oh, garden path where child-feet splash
Through heaven's waiting room

Oh, darling bud's of May
Oh, spiraling caress
Of golden-drizzled middle-day
Sun-sweet with happiness

Oh, do you lie beneath
The sour, glow'ring scowl
Where winter's young gales storm and seethe
And spill God's sugar bowl


The plan was to take a picture of above hill today but I only made it about halfway...
...I kept getting stuck and the wind would push me over!! 

Sweet Boy, Sour Scowl (an hour ago;-)

He cries and stamps his foot because
He cannot come to play
(In spite of School Snow day and all)
At Janet's house today

Janet chuckles as she replies,
'How sweet is that!' His mom
Stares at Boy's sour, sour scowl
Because he cannot come

...to Janet's house today to play,
Nobody wants to drive,
We tell him then, it is because
We want to stay alive!!!


I love those little guys:)


  1. Janet, don't venture out please unless absolutely necessary...at least don't climb hills for a pictures' sake! It looks dangerous..

    We don't have any snow - though it's chilly and windy today - but I'm already homesick for summer, too..

    Lovely poems. I can just see the little guy you babysit - who wouldn't want to play at Janet's house? :-)

  2. Hi,
    Thank-you for your concern!! I won't need to be asked twice to stay in-doors after that little venture, But I did a first today...ski on Nov. 18!! I don't believe I've ever skied in November. The weather is just ridiculously cold and stormy and it feels like a double whammy 'cause we've barely recovered from last winter and cold spring. But, that said, it feels petty to grumble when I think of people with real problems! We are healthy, dry, warm and fed. Praise god from Whom all blessings flow.

    Those little guys make my day EVERY time they come here:) They teach me about living in the moment. Kids do that, don't they?


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