Friday, November 21, 2014

Heaven Favors Earth With Gold

Heaven favors earth with gold
Morning pours from mercy’s hold
History and mystery
Are juxtaposed, its streams
Like a mystical embrace
Twixt, a new-day-gift of grace
Opportunity a sea
Full-bursting at its seams

Seasons splay upon earth's sod
My, the handiwork of God
Stuns our gaze and wanton ways
With pure and flawless touch
Where we spill our human need
Still He favors Adam’s seed
Touching dust with virgin Must
And heaven-granted Such

Heaven favors hunger’s street
Spills its gold beneath our feet
Does not leave our eyes to grieve
In endless dark, forgot
But dissolves night’s shuttered door
Stating, let there be once more
Pouring gold, fold over fold
Upon earth’s wee blue dot

© Janet Martin

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