Monday, November 3, 2014


Sometimes the heart spills inside out
With love and hurt and hope and doubt
We ache to turn its outside in
But cannot reach to deeps within

And what we thought we knew was true
Is more true than we ever knew
Before the tide of morn to night
Spilled oceans of grief and delight

And that heart-cup beneath our bones
Is all filled up; it moans and groans
As expectations are reversed
And joy’s elation moment-cursed

The ebb and flow of come and go
Perplexes everything we know
The heart must be an acrobat
A punching bag, an alley cat

…a howling gale, a teddy-bear
A fort, a ship, a sailor where
Life is a sea and a tight-rope
We cling to faith’s guard-rails of hope

…for oft the heart pours inside out
With love and laughter, fear and doubt
But with each sucker-punching thrust
The heart is learning what it must
…the heart is learning how to trust

© Janet Martin

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