Thursday, November 6, 2014

Happy Now

I have pondered the word 'happy' since I was a little girl; the above poem was an attempt to capture my 'happy' in ink. The green magic-marker 12 records the age when I wrote it.

PAD Challenge day 6:For today’s prompt, write a 'happy now' poem.

‘Happy now’ is something that we cannot find, but choose
It spills its silver-lining from love’s second-mile scuffed shoes
This coveted euphoria we all seem to hunger for
Is often right before us like a buffet we ignore

We dash through daily living-rooms of morning-noon-and-night
The quest for happiness persists with vexing appetite
Yet, unlike merchandise, Happy no one can buy or sell
Then Wall Street would be heaven and our pockets would be hell

The battle for this blessed estate wages; its have and hold
Outwits misers and worriers and those greedy for gold
While Charlie in his thread-bare overalls and bronze, bare feet
With nothing but time on his hands goes whistling down the street

The ‘happy now’ exists in those who do not think so much
About their state of happiness or what they lack and such
Because they are too busy with the measure of the day
Where ‘happy now’ is something they’ve learned how to give away

© Janet Martin

I write this carefully as I think of hubby's co-worker's wife; smiling, jolly, bubbly giver and phoning her hubby the other night who is out west with Jim, (my husband) right now; "The test results are back. I have cancer", she says.
...stumbling-blocks to 'happy now'.

 It reminds me to be 'happy now' 'cause now is all we have and as soon as I begin to worry about then's what-ifs the 'happy now' goes p-f-f-f-f-t!


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