Friday, November 14, 2014

Fall Softly, Snow

Fall softly, snow and ease your touch
Across rebellious skin and such
For the caress of silver-white
Keens thought with bittersweet delight

Fall softly, snow, a lady’s glove
Slipped over raw reluctance, love
Persuade us, herdsman of the air
To don the cloak you have prepared

For we are prone to fight the thread
Of white where brighter colors shed
Their innocence of youth, and truth
Time’s benefactor, is uncouth

…and does not care how young or fair
The summers of our hunger were
So come you must, but oh, come slow
Upon this dust, fall softly, snow

© Janet Martin

This morning was part ‘pick my heart out of my shoes’ and part ‘dumb-struck with awe’!

While I wrote the poem the sun came out like a big, gold exclamation point!
Somehow this morning this song just feels right; Fall Softly, Snow

The first picture in this video reminds me of the lady who braved way below freezing temperatures yesterday in Gladstone, Manitoba to bike over and help my hubby load the cattle! He told me when I called him last night that he loaded cattle with a lady with a red nose yesterday. 'What do you mean?!' I asked and he explained he was waiting for the help they promised him when lo and behold, here she came! biking through cold and snow!!


  1. There are some really tough people out there. There are guys on our road that bike to work unless it is utterly impossible and their work is quite a few miles away too.


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