Saturday, November 29, 2014


I’ve learned to love a little slower
Here, in autumn-fingers curled
I have learned to linger. And I
wouldn’t trade it for the world

…wouldn’t trade it for that pocket
Full of dreams not broken yet
Wouldn’t trade my heart-shaped locket
For a love I have not met

Wouldn’t give back what life gave me
Simply to begin again
For it isn’t very likely
I’d do any better then

I admit, though summer charmed me
With its blue-gold chivalry
I believe it warmed and armed me
To withstand what yet must be

And somewhere while hours hurried
Into yesterday the clock
Taught me how to walk more slowly
 in its holy tick and tock

…taught me to revel in nothing
But the moment in my hand
Where in autumn-fingers lingers
But a remnant yet, of sand

© Janet Martin

Inspired while commenting on Sasha’s post tonight; one of a month of poetry too wonderful to miss!


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