Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yet Poor Enough

Rich enough to treasure joy
As hill and hollow spill
Like window-boxes to the world
Wild-flower miracle

Rich enough to feel the rush
Of wordless, wondrous awe
Where Perfect Painter dips his brush
To palettes without flaw

Rich enough to know the Staff
From whence all blessings flow
Where mercy pleads on our behalf
For all we do not know

Rich enough to taste the bread
That rains its crumbs on kings
Yet poor enough to prize the thread
That weaves life’s simple things

© Janet Martin

Often, as I enjoy the beauty of nature I think of the tour guide in mountainous Ecuador who reminded a friend(after he commented that 'at least they live among stunning beauty'),  'it is a great blessing indeed to be well and fed enough to enjoy nature's beauty'.

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