Monday, July 14, 2014

Where All Else Disappears...

 (Silence and sea-song... stirs thought.)

When thought sets sail on an ocean of years
None but our mind’s eye can see
Oh, how the echo of life reappears
In ethereal sympathy

We do not dare to be patron too long
To what Time cannot restore
Yet in thought's rise-and-fall bittersweet song
Love-lessons softly implore

Having and holding, ephemeral shell
Debonair, double-edged kiss
Intrinsic orbit of greeting-farewell
Startles our notions of bliss

Seasons unravel, one-way ebb and flow
Of profitless ballyhoo
Save for Love's promise sealed long, long ago
Thus Hope abides strong and true
Hope beckons, not from chambers of the past
But beams unwaveringly
Where we are caught twixt Time’s long shadow cast
And what is waiting to be

This is the Life-line to which thought adheres
For all we cannot undo
Hope streams stead-fast where all else disappears
Into thought’s ocean of blue

© Janet Martin

 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. Heb.11:1


  1. Oh my, the video of the ocean was wonderful and I got lost in your words.
    You truly are a gifted poet, Janet.

  2. We are blessed in Ontario to be close to some of the world's largest fresh-water beaches and it is wonderful. planning to spend a week there next week! woo-hoo!

    Thank-you for you encouraging words. I'm struggling right now with keeping the passion there in writing, I think because days are so busy and at night I'm so tired:) Good Times! The key is to seek beyond ourselves for what we write, huh?

  3. I especially love the "Having and holding.." refrain - repeated it in my head after a couple sections.
    Much agreed with Margie's sentiment of the true blessing of your gift. Thank you so much for sharing.


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