Friday, July 18, 2014


Where girlhoods’ coronation placed a scepter in her hand
She battles the temptation to be carefree once again
But love, though lenient at times cannot condone such flair
To toss with glib abandonment its elements of care

Go east or west or north or south, a mother’s heart is bound
And tethered by the laws of love; prayer is her stopping-ground
For love, her utter Wanting crowns her with both rose and thorn
The having and the holding prelude to a heart half-torn

She cups her hands to cradle one wee moment, but its gleam
Succumbs where Time’s grand ladle spills its tug-of-warring stream
Soon worlds drawn on a drop of dew and dawn’s pink-puddled mist
Dissolves where Duty appoints new commissions to be kissed

Time does not reimburse us for play-things it steals away
But rather it immerses us in blessings of Today
It does not barter with the past, still, every now and then
She smiles to hear her children laugh... untethered once again

© Janet Martin

I would feel stripped soul-naked to be 'untethered' from heart-strings, but oh, its tug is bittersweet...


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