Tuesday, July 15, 2014

This Life

This trip-slip, death-grip, fumbling, stumbling, fully humbling flight
This ‘it seems I must learn through my mistakes what I do right’
This churning, yearning, no-returning, ever-learning leap
Propels us ever onward; rise ‘n shine, labor and sleep

This groping, hoping, coping, holding, folding dawn to dusk
This ‘count your many blessings’ journey and ‘in God we trust’
This crying, sighing, trying, wondering, pondering surge
Does not excuse us from its quest as dark and daylight merge

This bloody, muddy study vexes and perplexes us
This all-consuming rooming-house of living’s muss and fuss
This trial-and-error troubling terror would be hard to bear
If we couldn’t call on Jesus in love’s tender splendor; prayer

© Janet Martin

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