Thursday, July 17, 2014

There Is Something 'bout a Garden...

There is something ‘bout a garden
Quite unlike its kindred ‘folk’
For a garden is a paradise
In spite of all its work

It listens while we pluck and pull
And prune and stake and weed
Nature unfolds its ‘wonderful’
From nothing but a seed

God’s rain and sun caresses
Each seedling like a prayer
And how its laughter blesses
Each one who pauses there

…not by its grand perfection
But by its impetus
A sweet and strange reflection
Of God’s kind patience with us

We cannot hurry flowers
Nor can we rush the root
That needs its ordained hours
Before we see its fruit

And while we wait we wander
Among its reaching green
To play and pray and ponder
Life’s miracles unseen

And somewhere in the measure
Of tilling, toiling-test
The bud unfolds its pleasure
And puts our doubts to rest

Yes, there’s something ‘bout a garden
Quite unlike all other earth
Where bare feet pitter-patter
On God's footpaths to re-birth

© Janet Martin

I have a feeling after a week away, we are going to return to a sunflower-jungle;) I decided to leave the ‘volunteer plants’ after some of the potatoes didn’t come up…if the soil isn’t working for produce plant Pleasure!

Beneath sun-flower coppice zinnias beam!


  1. One of my favorite parts of summer is my garden.
    I loved your poem ...

  2. thank-you:) as much as I enjoy the garden i have a daughter who equally DISLIKES it. maybe to her she sees only the work, not the the wonder:) but like a plant, these things take time to grow and 'bloom'!


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