Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Suffering of Innocence


The gaping wounds of sorrow stun to silence our complaint
As hate’s hideous horrors bleed upon the innocent
Oh God, you see our anguish and behold the tears that fall

How hard it is to understand the aftermath of hate
Yet Love will conquer; evil cannot enter Heaven’s gate
Be near, I pray, instill Your peace where demons cannot go
Remind us Lord, of Calvary and how you love us so

Gethsemane once bore your prayers; and oh, you prayed for us
Knowing the road that You must bear would lead You to the cross
Lord, help us to stand valiant against the enemy
Succor, comfort and be our strength until we live with Thee

© Janet Martin

I was frustrated because my garden tiller quit and won't start, then I came inside and heard the news of this
 APTOPIX Ukraine Plane Malaysia Airlines crash MH17  

'We have One who knows and cares 
He hears the words in wordless prayers!'

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