Tuesday, July 15, 2014

...That Which Mutes Pen and Poetry

Sometimes as a mother, I get too impatient to try to make them see! Last night at supper one of my kids remarked, they just don't get why I get so excited about a flower and I ran to the garden, plucked some blooms,exclaimed at the intricate detail and tried to make them see...

…and I would like to pull apart
My rib-cage to show you my heart
But even then, all you would see
Is flesh and blood mortality

One cannot break a seed to see
What its end fruit-result will be
Nor can we hasten bud to bloom
God is the weaver at Time’s loom

Discovery is the cap-sheaf
To argue with one’s disbelief
Someday child, living will unveil
Those things that tongue cannot detail

Love has no defined shape or size
Its lilts in laughter, bleeds from eyes
We grasp at words anemically
To jot its verve in poetry

…and I wish I could pull apart
My ribcage to show you my heart
But even then you could not see
That which mutes pen and poetry

© Janet Martin

...and I try to explain those things I cannot; how being home tending household chores and gardens is enough,
...I tell her, ‘dear daughter, sometimes I think you underestimate just how much I love you’
…and in the same breath I hear God speaking those words to me!

reminds me of this song; Coat of Many Colors


  1. Janet, your flowers are magnificent as is your poetry.
    Beautiful post

  2. The flowers are stunning this year! I think its the nice balance of rain and sun!


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