Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer Saturday Song

Oh, let me touch you slowly, thread my fingers through your sigh
There is something softly holy in the way you fill the sky
And I know from past experience how you blithely fall away
And how tiny moments soon become ten-thousand yesterdays

Oh, let me hold you softly but with hunger and delight
Gardens spill flowers, my darling; leaves of summer lose their fight
For we cannot thwart the order of this forward-facing leap
But content ourselves with hours ere they fade into the deep

Oh, let me feel you fully where your colors grandly reach
Purple clover or a sea of gold where sunsets bathe the beach
Then, when it fades to crypts where forefathers have tarried long
We will sigh with pleasure on our lips; ‘oh, how I loved that song’

© Janet Martin


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