Saturday, July 26, 2014

Warrior of Smile-caresses...

 I was glad that all of us could be together at the cottage for a few days...then, they 'had to go'. This afternoon Victoria hugged me and asked if I'm sad as I paused at the above photos and I smiled (shakily) and said, 'sorta sad yet so happy' and hugged her....hard;) reminding her (me) things never stay the same for long... (she missed them too). Rob and Emily surprised us last night by driving back up for one more night!!

She masks hunger wildly bleeding
Feels her face to find its smile
This is quite unlike those fleeting
Farewells we suffer a while

Bravely she becomes kind kisses
Love lends to parting’s embrace
Will to whisper warm word-wishes
Through a smile upon her face

Permanence of Past impresses
Compels her to persevere
Warrior of smile-caresses
Watches children disappear

Yet, scattered on paths behind her
Between vapor page preserved
Echoes love’s gentle reminder
Life gave more than she deserved

© Janet Martin


  1. I hope and pray my kids won't live far, but..always a but. My daughter is already talking about going to college in Europe and when I don't act sufficiently happy about it, she says, "But we'll see each other on Skype.." That is supposed to make me feel better :-)
    As long as they are happy, I guess..

    You've got beautiful kids!

  2. Our daughter Melissa is moving our in a few weeks to go to school,(that's the real tug going on) still in Ontario though, and I've told her if she comes home every few weeks I'll load her up with groceries;) Hey, a mom's gotta do what a mom's gotta do, right?! Skype at least is better than 'the old days' of paper-letter writing except you have nothing to open again and again. It's a good thing we don't know all the whats that are waiting to be!

  3. Absolutely! Don't want to know those "whats" :-)
    Good luck, Janet.

  4. thank-you. There comes a time when you know its time for them to go and put some of their 'superior knowledge' to the test!;)

    ...and same to you. I hope I'm not to late to read your story and vote. Everyone's home today and its noisy and hubby hates when I'm on the computer is he's home...maybe tomorrow night!

  5. Ah, that impending empty nest draws near. If it's any consolation, Janet, they keep fluttering back for a little heartening clucking then off they go again. You have laid a solid foundation. They are prepared.

  6. :) the bigger question, Glynis is, am I?
    I marvel at how I can feel so happy yet utterly sad, so young yet at the same time terribly old!ah, change!
    I don't mind the thought of being the old hen they come fluttering home to...
    that reminds me, I should flutter 'home' more often.


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