Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Of Life-happinesses and Heart-recesses

There’s a part of the heart where we keeps time’s postcards
Ever a measure of pleasure
But then, there’s a place deeper in love’s embrace
Where we store its sacred treasure

Life’s this-and-thats make for fine, friendly chats
‘Round evening’s dinner-table
We cannot keep one fair hour from sleep
The heart is a sweet, sacred gable

…for there we enfold moment-glitters of gold
Echoes of life-happinesses
Little girl-curls, boyish grins, laughter-swirls
Find their home in heart-recesses

We never can tell when love’s grieving farewell
Ushers from us what we’re seeing
While ever the heart in its uttermost part
Seals chapters into our being

© Janet Martin

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