Thursday, July 3, 2014

Of July

Cloud-tumbled fallow shifts, billows above
Green ripple of earth’s supple sea
It is not difficult to love, my love
Where July spins her poetry

River of bloom rushes wild where the child
Fills fingers with its filigree
Purple and gold for the pauper is sold
Under the wild apple-tree

Blessing from God silver coin cannot buy
See, from the coffers of heaven
He fills the garden with rain from the sky
Tickles the soil with its sunshine

Sighing and dreaming, our words warmly grin
‘Lemonade, flip-flops, sea-shore’,
Baskets of berries, bronze summer-kissed skin
We tread her lily-starred floor

Under its awning of azure we lie
Lounging on blankets of grass
Where every hour is full of July
For we know, too soon it will pass

© Janet Martin

This morning is a perfect July morning...after approx. 16 hours of sleep. Suddenly yesterday afternoon my body said, enough! I couldn't stop coughing or shivering and sweating; horrible!!

Feeling somewhat better and hopefully on the mend. I've been spoiled by good health and am not a very patient invalid! 

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