Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Happy Day


Oh, happy day, the flower splay their colors glad and bold
To satisfy the drifter's eye with purple, blue and gold
The Artist spills to ditch and hills those gardens undefiled
As fair and free their filigree embellishes the wild

Oh happy day, we turn to stray from Duty’s beaten path
Bumblebees drone in monotone; zephyr tickles the grass
Somewhere a robin trills and spills its praises heartily
The sun is bright; the clouds are white on heaven’s azure sea

Oh, happy day, where willows sway and we lie there beneath
Its filigree of poetry and yellow-gilded leaf
Oh happy day, we pause to pray to He who holds in place
The gold, the gray, the come-what-may, kind signatures of grace

© Janet Martin

I thought I should finish this poem before I turn in…mostly I write them all at once but this one was up most of the day; I would add a line on my way through the kitchen before returning out-doors. It was a happy day!


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