Sunday, July 6, 2014

Loveletter to an Illusion

Sometimes listening to a song sparks something...

Oft on the eventide just after dark
When dusk’s dew-damsel releases her sigh
Then on a sea of thought, dreamers embark
Beneath the belfry of leaf-lullaby
And silence is not silent anymore
Those elements that intercept daylight
Unfurl on ebony air a broad door
Where illusion tantalizes lost sight
…it infiltrates the poem-stricken soul
With agonies that pen cannot console

Wild wand’ring wind-song skims calm countryside
Blue amplifies delusion in its wave
And we are apt to daringly confide
To the deep sky those things we stilly crave
Darling, the ‘musts’ in love out-number far
(though we may lie upon night’s far-flung shawl
To count and pin wishes upon each star)
…still love outweighs the sorrows of them all
We cannot trade our portion for schemes
Taunting weak willingness with foolish dreams

The hour falls, folding in deft defeat
My dear, we cannot clench its ether gown
The holding of a heart is bittersweet
For we can never really put it down
And how is it, the essence of a thought
Can ravage where flesh-fingers cannot reach
Because illusion of what we have not
Rushes where gratitude and grief beseech?
...ever entanglements torture the air
Where thought spills whispers too honest to bare

© Janet Martin

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