Thursday, July 17, 2014

Incomprehensible All

(What wakes the bird to break night's polished deep with song?) He was singing up a storm until I got my camera out then he needed a breather:), oh, well I caught a few notes of 'joy unmeasured and fully of glory'!

What wakes the bird to break
Night’s polished deep with song
What stirs the depths above the lake
To fill its dark with dawn?

What urges green to gold?
Or probes each pulsing bud
Its rush, intangible, yet bold
Draws gardens from the mud

Ah, what rolls like a sea
Within the human breast?
Where apathy and sympathy
And joy and sorrow wrest

What stills the heart at last
Yet fills the new born wail
With breath of life; what binds us fast
Through suffering’s stormy gale?

What makes me miss you so
Yet comforts as I weep?
What keens the longing in our souls
To draw us from our sleep?

What refurbishes hope?
Or shatters twilight’s sky
To fall in petals on a slope
Where only clouds pass by

…or silvers dawn with dew
Or lavishes the lea
or kisses me with thoughts of you
Pray tell, what can it be?

What is this awesome force
No scientist can prove
Yet spawns the Want to seek its Source?
I think it must be love

© Janet Martin



  1. I loved hearing the bird singing and I loved how you put part of your poem on the photos .... Beautiful poem.
    Janet, you are such a wonderful poet ....

  2. thank-you:) I always wonder if people have trouble loading the page with so many photos. I hope not!


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