Friday, July 18, 2014

If You should Happen Past My House...

If you should happen past my house
And you would see it as you go
Would it look like the sort of place
Of someone you would like to know?

And would its lawn and gardens grin
…a rainbow-colored welcome mat
And would they whisper,’ come on in’
To sit a spell for tea and chat?

If you should happen past my house
I’d like to think that it would be
A ‘home-away-from-home-like-hug’
Just to keep you company

Strange, how every now and then
We pass a house that seems to glow
With a sweet sort of ‘welcome-grin’
Of someone we would like to know

© Janet Martin

Don't you find that some houses just have a homey welcome-hug appeal as you pass by? Tomorrow we leave for the cottage and I have a few such houses 'ear-marked' to smile to as we pass...

(so if this porch is a little quiet, I know you will understand,
sometimes we simply have to sit with toes in sea and sand;)

Happy side-note: Changed the spark-plug, added fresh oil; and Br-r-r-m! the tiller started! (frustration mentioned here) The garden hopefully won't be a total jungle when we return.


  1. Lovely ! Thanks for sharing more gorgeous creativity from your hands. (Love the silos in the background - remind me of visits to my aunt & uncle's farm - & they also had a brick house.)
    Safe travels, & may you find the most perfect tiny shells on your shore rambles.

  2. p.s. the silos belong to the farm right next to us, but I feel like we almost live on a farm, our son helps with chores, and we are surrounded by its season-beauty!

  3. You have a beautiful house and garden and I loved the poem.

    Have a great time away, Janet,

  4. Beautiful as always Janet.xo

  5. Happy for you and a bit jealous: we haven't had toes in sea and sand
    for ages :-(
    Enjoy your vacation, Janet.
    Will be wonderful to have you back, miss your porch.


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