Monday, July 28, 2014

Forever's Mold

Let’s just enjoy today
Tomorrow’s come what may
Is still so far away
Who knows its untried wake?
But here, the loveliness
Of new moments impress
With eager emptiness
Its memories to make

So let’s enjoy this gift
Of sun-rain streams that sift
Ere ageless echoes drift
Where we cannot return
Then, let us touch and taste
With reverence its haste
Lest we its wonders waste
And thus futilely yearn

Oh, let’s enjoy today
The gold mingles with gray
Before it melts away
In vapor madrigals
Let’s hug our have-and-hold
Before its flickers fold
Into Forever's mold
As twilight’s curtain falls

© Janet Martin


  1. "Lest we its wonders waste" - a beautiful message and such beautiful wording.
    Always love the sound of your poems.

  2. I so enjoyed today and truly enjoyed your poem.
    Lovely writing!

  3. Positively lovely, Janet. Taking joy in the moment is what I glean from your words. Thank you.

  4. Thank-you all for being a special joy in my days!


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