Thursday, July 31, 2014


Money can buy for a ticketed price
Anything fine, flashy, fancy and nice
But earth offers beauty that runs at large
Bloom-wild and wonderful and free of charge

This feast to the senses of sheer Shangri-La
Of vine-entwined fences and fields, evokes awe
We are partakers of green, blue and gold
Earth bares her beauty for all to behold

Chicory rivers and chamomile hedge
Wends between wetlands of bulrush and sedge
Blue-awning fathoms above meadow-sweet
Flower-swept wastelands to tempt restless feet

Rolling beneath us right out to the sky
We touch a canvas money cannot guy
Over and under, around us unfurled
God gives His wonderful, wonderful world

© Janet Martin

I grabbed my camera as I headed out to take hubby fresh supplies before he leaves. Guess why he is enjoying summer!

This morning is the complete opposite of cold and white...


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