Tuesday, July 8, 2014

But If We Had No Silly Ways...

But if we had no silly ways
And we were all good and devout
Doing those things we know we should
…whatever would we talk about?

If no ill-fortune spilled its brush
No slip or stumble sought us out  
To keep us humble, as we blush
…whatever would we laugh about?

If we had everything we want
And didn’t need to do without
But every wish was fate’s command
What ever would we dream about?

...and if we had no rainy days
No disappointment-provoked pout
No wakened joys to prompt our praise 
Whatever would we sing about?

If we knew without being taught
And life’s unknowns were all poured out
And suffering, a foreign thought
Whatever would we pray about?

© Janet Martin

Yesterday we sisters and mom celebrated my oldest sister's 50th birthday with a tea-party at one of our houses. As 'Birthday-girl' posed for a photo I remarked 'still beautiful and slim'! Of course, this spawned a 'help, I'm getting fat'  conversation, one which our mother soundly scolded as she reminded us we are healthy and weight dare never be a god/idol or how are we to set an example for our young girls...!! (once a mother, always a mother;) She is right. None of us are over-weight but we live in an appearance-OBSESSED culture and the pressures to look a certain way are everywhere! As we chatted I realized if our lives were perfect we would have nothing to talk,laugh,dream,sing, pray about!

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