Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bard's Ballroom

These days in southern Ontario earth is a ball-room of green glory! We are kept busy to make sure weeds are not the only green we see! It was off to the beach yesterday to celebrate Canada Day!The beautiful drive was part of the celebration; the glory of seed spilling fruit.

Some truths are hard to bear
Remorse, for its full worth
Cannot abolish consequence
For deeds rendered on earth

We are the fruit of choice
Friendships with fantasy
Can slowly bleed the spirit dry
In long-spun misery

Darling, if I could brush
Away each shard of pain
With words I would; but poetry
At times is futile, vain

There is no hiatus
Or freedom from our thought
The ballroom of ten-thousand prayers
Is all that we have got

© Janet Martin

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