Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Awakening the Awe

Sometimes the repetitiveness of life attempts to dull the Awe...on this rainy day I need to dig a little deeper and remember from Whence it came.

Awaken in me, Lord
A song of honest praise
It seems the busyness of life
Seeks to consume my gaze
And where Your fullness ought
To satisfy my ‘Have’
Love’s loneliness vexes my thought
Where futile fancies rave

Dawn’s beveled beacons blush
With new-born beckoning
Yet, swift dusk-sultry, swan-songs hush
Day-tide’s sure reckoning
And I cry, my, oh my
Love’s song is bittersweet
Soft-subtly the by and by
Spills echoes at our feet

Philosophy of books
Cannot fully explain
Love’s tug-of-warring paradox  
Of pleasing, grieving pain
Lord, waken in me then
A hymn of soul-sweet praise
We are but fumbling, stumbling men
Dependent on your grace

© Janet Martin

The best we can do is praise the One who gifts to us each day of grace…
Though life challenges our response, we would do well to seek his face
Life’s journey is a learn-ed thing, not through our triumphs but our slips
Lord, keep my thoughts, remembering to keep your praises on my lips…


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