Friday, July 11, 2014

Almost Nothing

Majestic in nature, miniscule in size
Ethereal stature we simply surmise
Essence of eons, invisible jot
Elusive chalice where living is wrought

Wee wink of wonderment, gargantuan gasp
Half-breath allotment that no one can clasp
Intangible, all-consuming chrysalis
Warrior’s weapon and motherhood’s kiss

You fill the ages like drops fill a sea
Weeping in fathoms of fancied filigree
Almost your nothingness dares me to laugh
You sign my forehead with your autograph

Over and over your phantom parade
Silvers sun-sparkles; flicker-escapade
Dreamer’s cornucopia, miser’s lament
Everything, almost nothing…ah, little moment

© Janet Martin


  1. Love this! Sings wonderfully on the tongue when read aloud. Cool photo too.

  2. thank-you:) I had such fun taking that shot!!

  3. Oh, your photo is so beautiful and lovely penned poem.
    So nice to be here again, Janet


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