Friday, October 25, 2013

To My Cyber-friends...

We are not strangers
You and I, and yet
We’ve never spoken
Or even met

I would not recognize you
Though we’ve laughed and wept
Into the still air

One wields the pen
One holds the page
We are fellowmen
On a common stage

Though we've never met
 It's nice to think
We touch each other
Through the power of ink

© Janet Martin

Though we may never meet
I’d simply like to say
Thank-you to all who have passed by
My little porch today…

Though we may never speak
It is enough to know
That words and prayers reach anywhere
A little thought can go


Thank-you to generations
Past and presently
Who have shared inspiration
So that others may read


  1. Janet, may I be so bold and ask if I may share this on Inscribe and Word Guild pages, please? I love this and think it a great encouragement to writers who often wonder about their readers.

  2. For sure! We really have no way of knowing who or how many read, do we?:) But God does and if we believe we are trying to honor Him through written word it surely is not in vain...right?

    Glynis, thank-you for reading today.


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