Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Time's Tango

The marsh is filled with eventide
And nature’s waning will
The grinning bloom betrayed by Time
Slumbers where all is still
The doggerel of august day
And cricket minuet
Midst wind and leaf-song falls away
Etched in thought’s silhouette

A metronome of moments fills
Then steals another hour
A chorus spilling daffodils
Soon strips the autumn bow’r
As dividends of quickened youth
And ageless wanderlust
Declares in nature’s ruthless truth
Life’s journey back to dust

The imminence of what must be
In every half-breath nears
Where nothing marks eternity
Or charts its days and years
Time’s tango teases and torments
It’s touch both kind and cruel
Somewhere its final recompense
Unravels from life’s spool

© Janet Martin

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