Thursday, October 10, 2013

This Moment Softly Stealing

We are 'playing' today:)

This moment, softly stealing
Like the nighttime from the sea
Melds its measure like a mantle
Gently tugging you from me

This moment, sweet enchantment
Of life’s ordinary things
Is all tangled up in memory
Tugging innermost heart-strings

 I don’t tell you how this moment
Of mixed joy and grief imparts
Tenderness into my teardrop
Tugging echoes to my heart

For in moments softly stealing
Love and loss and hope entwine
As we, at a moment’s mercy
Dream and leap, reach and resign

© Janet Martin

As Emily left the house just now it hit me; we worked side by side for the last time this morning, as her 'living' here in our home (she is doing all the bride-to-be stuff from now until Sat.)…yes, Lord willing she will ‘come home’ often, but it won’t be the same because she will be ‘visiting’.   

As I mentioned something about next week she grinned mischievously and said, I won't be here!


  1. Bittersweet, but mostly sweet, right?


  2. Yes, mostly sweet, for sure! It's what we raise them to do right? become independent.

  3. You are a good momma. This made me cry. But dare I say that Emily will soon move from friend to daughter from this day forth [although she will remain forever your little girl in your heart; trust me that never changes.] Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures. How blessed to peek into the beautiful day that awaits. (Take Kleenex)


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