Monday, October 7, 2013

The Heart is Like an Autumn Day

The heart is like an autumn day
It holds the blue, the gold and gray
Where hope is heavy on the vine
As love and longing intertwine

The heart is like an autumn sky
A moody blend of smile and sigh
Its pulse a complex symmetry
Of euphoria and misery

The heart is like an autumn tree
Its pieces scattered silently
Along a dim and shaded path
Of summer’s precious aftermath

The heart is like an autumn day
It steals our impulses away
A minuet of raw romance
We close our eyes and dance…
And dance

© Janet Martin

The house is quiet this morning; a lot of thinking time while I stir popcorn and cut butters for the wedding...


  1. I do love this one!

    It makes my heart dance a bit...


  2. Those butters are the sweetest thing I have ever seen! I hope you will share photos with us of the glorious day! Thanks for the beautiful words of autumn.

  3. Thank-you Sue:)

    I hope to share more pics this week leading up to...and then after:)

  4. So beautiful autumn and heart :) good luck!


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