Monday, October 21, 2013

Oh, Soft Letting Go...

Linger, linger long-ly, oh soft letting go
Hold me in your arms; dance with me sweet and slow
I am not ready to swiftly untie
The strings of my heart to a hasty good-bye

Leave me, but leave me patiently if you must
For I cannot sever love’s ties in one thrust
Tarry against me; the warmth of your sigh
Comforts the farewell that shimmers near-by

Hear how the night-wind moans low on earth’s turf
Hear how the sea-song weeps long on its surf
How can I un-tether a piece of my heart
Where you seem to be such an intricate part?

There are no dead-lines to love’s bittersweet
Where living’s fulfillment and longing compete
So linger and hold me, for I cannot know
How long is the slow-dance of letting you go?  

© Janet Martin

Yes, I've recovered from my daughter's wedding, but the letting go will take much longer...


  1. Another gem. Goodness, Janet, you are great.

  2. There are days, like today when the heart must poetry. Thank-you for reading and for your kind words.
    Little guy woke up so its back to taking care of Mr. too-cute-for-his-own-good;)He will play with ANYTHING, as long as it isn't a toy :):)


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