Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Of Fragments and Fleet Fingers (an oldie re-vamped)

The burnished bloom is weeping
And our pulses feel its grief
Beneath the stealthy fingers
Of a silent, subtle thief
As spring turns into summer
And then summer turns to fall
Life adds another chapter
To its vapor madrigal

Soon summer’s rose is ravaged
By the pilferage of time
Its bud of youth unfolded
In the lilt of living’s rhyme
The flower fields its fragments
Back to earth from whence it came
We cling to fading echoes
And the whispers of a Name

Yes, the vibrant bloom is drooping
Man cannot dissuade the course
Or design of nature’s order
Nor the Hand beneath its force
For to everything, a season
And a time for every plan
Providence employs its reason
…we behold His love for man

© Janet Martin

Another year of blooms is past…

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