Monday, October 21, 2013


October sets a-fire the tress with gold and scarlet gild
Akin to love when its first bud and burnished bloom are spilled
A sager sort of splendor soothes Time’s restlessness within
Oh darling, love me tender; I feel winter setting in

Fleet fingers pluck with purposed passion every petal-plume
The limb that lured the lilting lark falls prey to nature’s loom
Softly it sheds its bronze and reds, weaving October’s thread
In whisperings beneath our feet and silence overhead

October weans from hillsides every rare, riveting hue
How still the stark, dark silhouette is etched against its blue
As woodland lends its laughter to the breeze, mute moment-mirth
…Darling, our fantasies like leaves soon slumber in the earth

Oh, love me like a lover on the brink of his farewell
But do not leave me; autumn sets so swiftly on the fell
I see its sweeping splendor fall to fence-row, fallow, stone
Darling, oh love me tender; winter is too long alone

© Janet Martin

In the flurry of wedding plans and such, October seems to be setting so very quietly and quickly on fall's horizon!


  1. If I were to pick my favorite line, I'd copy the whole poem. Just wonderful.

  2. Thank-you:) It's a rainy sentimental-ish kind of day...The little guy I baby-sit had an extra-long nap so I some unexpected time to revel in the 'mood'.


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