Sunday, October 13, 2013


Before we left for the church...her last moments of living at home.

Strange, how a book of lasts turns into a book of ‘firsts’
How, as one door closes another opens
As bouquets are tossed
And limo doors close
The end turns into a beginning…


More photos will come, but I don't have any yet:) Next to the day Emily was born this was the best.


  1. So happy for you, cannot wait for the pictures.

  2. Just want to let you know that the "Mystery" photo remains a mystery - it's not showing. I keep coming back hoping to see it, I thought perhaps it's my internet connection acting up or something; no luck so far.. The suspense is killing me..softly..

  3. oh, thank-you for telling me. It was e-mailed to me from hubbies phone. I'll try to upload it like I usually do instead of copy and paste. Let me know if you see it then, 'kay?

  4. I see it now!
    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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