Thursday, October 17, 2013



The music of earth fills us with pain and pleasure
Orchestra playing life’s seasons and song
But someday when we leave its mimed moment-measure
The music of heaven will welcome us home

The music of earth moves us in awe and longing
Imperfect mantras of passion and need
But oh, sweet someday when the music of heaven
Ever will ring in perfect harmony

The music of earth spawns a heavenly yearning
Over and over its chorus we crave
The music of heaven will never stop ringing
Praising our God who is mighty to save

The music of earth draws us on in life’s journey
Cheering us upward in its melody
Nearer and nearer to that blest Beginning
Where only the music of heaven will be

© Janet Martin

Dear Alma, lover of the Lord and music is in heaven now.
Her daughter, gifted pianist played at Emily’s wedding. While Emily said ‘I do’ Alma’s husband placed a tender farewell kiss on his beloved’s lips…

I was so disappointed to miss her funeral. She was a dear woman.

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